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About Breakthrough Runner

Coaching for runners looking to break through. Focused on athletes who want to be competitive at open and age group levels, whether at local 5ks or qualifying for Boston.

Services include monthly coaching/training plans, race-specific training plans, and/or virtual training and racing consultation. Plans start at $100/mo for monthly active coaching services (3-month minimum) and $150 for race-specific training plans (8-16 week plans).

About Me - Coach Bernie

Established coach of athletes seeking to reach national class or to set personal bests, with former/current athlete performances ranging from 1:07 half marathon and 2:22 marathon to sub 20 5ks and sub 3:40 marathons.

In my own running career, I achieved personal bests of 14:54 and 30:56 for 5,000m and 10,000m on the track, and 1:10 and 2:29 for half and full marathons, respectively. I have placed in the top 50 of the Boston Marathon, top 25 of the Chicago Marathon, and was the first American at the Berlin Marathon. I'm now training to be competitive in the local master's road racing scene.



Michael H.

"Bernie's coaching allowed me to take my marathon performance to a whole new level. His structure, conviction in what works (which transferred to me in terms of what was possible), and support throughout the process led to trust in him which meant I fully embraced his method, his plan, and workouts - however tough it might have felt at times - and it led to great results."

Stephanie J.

"Bernie’s coaching helped me achieve a number of lifetime goals, including breaking 20 minutes for the 5k, as well as qualifying for the Boston Marathon, where I went on to set a ~10min PR. He made plans that fit my schedule and modified them based on how I was feeling and what would let me perform best on race day."

Jossi F.

“When I finally felt ready to prepare for my first marathon, I turned to Bernie. He laid out a full training plan for me and patiently talked me through it from start to finish. Even better, he was there with encouragement and modifications along the way, all the way to the end.”